Author's Biography

As the 9/11 tragedy began unfolding thousands of miles away from her California home, little did Sue Okenyi know that her life would soon become intricately woven within the lives of so many of New York’s Finest and Bravest – FDNY firefighters, NYPD and Port Authority police officers.

Healing the Hero’s Heart is the author’s personal account of this tragedy, through her eyes and those of survivors’ families and friends – made uniquely her own through her role in assisting with the humanitarian efforts extended by her employer as well as the company’s involvement in donating the video security cameras that watched over the search and rescue efforts at Ground Zero.

In July of 2005, Sue Okenyi was named “Person of the Week” by KFSN-30, an ABC affiliate. In additions to being a wife and mother of four, Sue Okenyi has worked for Pelco, the world’s largest video security manufacturer for more than 13 years.


Sue Okenyi

 Sue Okenyi - Author of "Healing the Hero's Heart"