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Name: Karl Arps
Date: 18 Sep 2012


`Just got done reading the book I purchased in Greenville, WI and really enjoyed it. I can see why the members of NYFD,NYPD and Port Authority Police have such a place in you heart. You have done so much to honor those heros.

Name: Sue Okenyi
Date: 27 Jul 2008


Hello Everyone. I would love to know your comments about the book. Please click the link up to the left that says "Add Your Comments". Type me a note and click submit. Then you can refresh the page and see your comment posted. I'd love to hear from you. Sue Okenyi

Name: Donald McInnes
Date: 14 May 2008


February 21, 20008Carole I want to personally thank you and the entire Pelco team for the outstanding and informative program you presented to us and for hosting and providing such outstanding hospitality to my teammates and me. I also want to thank you for giving me the Pelco bucks which allowed me to get two of the California Memorial T-shirts for my wife Carol and I to wear and a copy of that inspiring book written by one of your co-workers. I read her entire book on my trip home and as another Christian who just happens to be Catholic just like her was very moved by all her thoughts and words and the words and pictures of Americas finest and bravest captured in the book, which just solidified even more by what you all did why your people and company are the best. I shed several tears reading the book and after looking at all those pictures that captured everything. Please tell her that she has my wife and me standing and praying by her side. She is an inspiring human being and truly is an Angel as one of the firefighters quoted in the book said. I also happen to think that Mr. MacDonald is also an Angel; everyone in your company was blessed to work with such a noble man. It was nice to see that she was originally from Green Bay ; WI. Please let her know that this is coming from a very Patriotic Cheese Head. Her Wisconsin family is very proud of their own and if she wants a Cheese Head consider it done and I will send her one. You and the entire Pelco family simply validated again to me why you are the finest video company in the security industry with the best people. Please extend my sincere thanks to all of your team members and leadership that either provided us hospitality or presented to our team and share this with all those not copied. I am a big advocate of using your company’s product line and have always successfully used your products since your companies founding. I can honestly tell you that in my 35 plus years of industry experience there is nobody that does it better! Best regards Donny Mac

Name: Gail Silke
Date: 23 Oct 2007


Hey Sue that was awesome. You did some job. You know what is wild is that I never imagined what the survivor PD|FD workers experienced. I thought we only felt loss. I can tell you that my heart was broken when I read about them all and their feeling of loss. I guess we can say we all had a loss. My husband and I were talking last night about the 1st two weeks ago 911 and me not being home because we were down at police plaza waiting for them to uncover Stephen. He is a retired NYC fireman and he had his mom come watch at the time our 5 year old and 2 year old children. His mom asked him not to go do the search on the pile but he went anyway. God forbid he was injured I would have died. Great job. Thanks for keeping their memories alive.

Name: Fran
Date: 23 Oct 2007


I must tell you, I glanced through some pages and stopped every so often to read a sentence or two. Anyone who reads this book and doesn’t shed a tear has something wrong with them. I've never met Neil and I feel like I know him, not because of he, himself, but because of you. That’s a mark of a true person who can express in writing the reality of another. You made a lot of people come alive for the reader, their pain and their lives. I am taking the book with me so that I can spread the word along with the site for purchasing. Hopefully, everyone that I previously told about the book will follow through and purchase it.

Name: Randy
Date: 12 Oct 2007


Hi Sue
I just finished your book on the plane coming home form D.C. It is wonderful!!!! You captured the feelings of the time very well and the stories were relayed with a softness that is reflective of you. Firefighters need Guardian Angels before during and after each and every call. You served so many in that capacity after this tragedy, and that is why so many people are either alive or in a much better place because of you. Thank You on behalf of all of us in the fire service.

Name: Billy
Date: 10 Oct 2007


We received your package over the weekend. Thank you for the book. I have read it already. Sue must be an incredible person. She certainly had a lot of pressure put on her. It somewhat reminds me of the meetings I was involved with during the planning of the Columbine Memorial. It seemed that each meting, we spent half of the time "listening" to those personally involved on that day. I became close to one of the parents who lost his son in the library. Robert and I had refereed some soccer matches years ago. It's seems surreal how our lives touched again. The most touching moment for me was meeting at the school. After reading all of the newspaper accounts and talking with my friends on the police department, it was very moving to be in the building, seeing the layout, and the problems the SWAT team had. I've already made a copy of Father Mychal Judge's prayer and keep it in my wallet. I even used it today at the invocation of my Optimist Club meeting.

Take me where you want me to go;
Let me meet who you want me to meet;
Tell me what you want me to say,
And keep me out of your way.

Thanks for thinking of me and thank Sue for writing the book. Take care, God Bless and give everyone a hug.